Skin care – Dermatology

This is a special product developed for people with acne & other skin ailments. We plan to introduce an entire range of products to combat skin problems.

Anti-acne Cream 150ml

This is a light & gentle formula, which refines skin texture and keeps excess oil in control. Its regular use quickly reduces acne and black spots. Apply in the morning and evening on the face and the neck, perfectly cleaned.

Infused with Calendula extract, it has antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties for your skin to soak up. It has been proven by research that in tropical climates the healing properties of calendula have shown to speed up the healing process of blemishes and acne scars.

Anti-acne Serum 50ml

Its formula is more concentrated and enriched with Calendula Officinalis extracts which prevents dryness and skin irritation and promotes softening and softening of your skin.

Should be used on regular, morning and evening, that’s allows you a more effective and faster result.

Ideally used after washing the face, apply clean and massage in a round circle. Can be combined with anti-acne cream for faster results.